Let's Go Back To Photoshop's Beginning

Perhaps you may be wondering how Photoshop started? Or perhaps you do not care so long as it is there to bring life to images, photos and texts you will be fine?

Whatever the reason may be, it is still better to look back in order to move further...

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Photoshop Files and Formats

People often ask me: What image file formats will Photoshop open or save in? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Photoshop has the capability to open and save many different graphic files. Here are some of the most popular ones.

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How Do You Use The Gradient Tool In Photoshop

There are different ways in eliminating opacity on images. One of the basic techniques is the use of the gradient tool. A gradient tool is used to edit or modify a part or the entire layer of an image. It is located in the tool bar and there is a window provided to customize your gradient.

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How to Work with Light and Dark Edges in Photoshop

Want your images to have effects that’ll make it stand out more and show up well on every background tones? With Photoshop, you could achieve these effects for your images by its features that work on light and dark edges. These allow you to work on bringing out the best edges of your image – lighten or darken it, anyway you please to match on background tones and make it stand out more.

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Photoshop Elements  

Photoshop Elements is an adaptation of Photoshop with strong new features and attractive price. It is intended to focus on digital photography and basically an RGB workflow.

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The Tools and Features of Adobe Photoshop  

Adobe Photoshop is one of the world's leading graphics editing programs, developed by Adobe Systems. Available on Mac OS or PC, Photoshop is used as one of the leading image design programs for the World Wide Web. The most recent version of Photoshop, or Photoshop CS2, "bridges" between other Adobe products such as Image Ready, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and Encore DVD to produce professional videos and DVDs. Photoshop uses a file format called a .PSD or .PDD to store multiple layers of an image. Recently Adobe released a program called Photoshop Elements in order to give a less expensive version of Photoshop with many of the same features. Although Adobe Photoshop is used primarily in doing touch-up for digital photos, it is also used for creating designs for web pages and professional companies.

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How to Create Different Textures with Photoshop  

Creating a multitude of textures is easy if you have the know-how and Adobe Photoshop. There are numerous plug-ins that you can make use depending on your need and your level of mastery.

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Custom Brushes with Photoshop 

Making custom brushes is one of the easiest things in the world. Seriously! I don't know why I've read some tutorials that make it out to be this multi-step, intimidating process. Creating your own brushes helps to customize both your artwork and the Photoshop work environment.

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