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Bose Soundock Portable Reviewed

Most audio enthusiasts agree that the original Bose soundock is the best set of iPod speakers you can buy. The only problem I had with the first generation model is that it isn't portable because you have to lug around the boxy power supply and power cord. This is no longer the casethe new Bose soundock portable is very similar to the first generation model in power and sound quality with a twist. It's the best sounding and most powerful speakers available for your iPod and it's portable. This comes with a premium price tag; with a retail price tag of $399 you're paying not only for quality but the Bose brand name.

The soundock portable is available in both glossy white and black. It has a very compact design and measures just 12 inches by six inches by 5 inches. The speakers weigh just over five pounds and very closely resemble the original sound dock. There is one distinguishing feature in that the dock your iPod plugs into swivels and can rotate into the unit's body when traveling. The portable model has a simple design just like the original sound dock and lacks physical controls aside from the two volume controls.

The infrared remote include has eight rubber buttons that control volume, playback, play lists, and power. The included remote control is small and simple, but it's rubber buttons are easy to operate. The remote control works by infrared light; however it works well enough to control your iPod from nearly any angle in a large room. There are two connectors on the back of the unit; one analog input and a plug for the power charger.

There are no USB ports or video outputs. The speakers are powered by a lithium ion battery pack that holds a charge for up to eight hours of normal usage. At its loudest volume settings the soundock operates for about three hours. The battery holds its charge for a very long time for considering the speakers power and the amount of bass it produces.

The only thing I don't like about the sound dock's design are the built-in volume controls. They are clumsy and not very sensitive to the touch. When your iPod is plugged into the dock the batteries are charged at the expense of play time if your charger is not plugged in. The carrying handle also serves as the speaker's Bass port which Bose cleverly calls the wave guide exit. There is an LED light behind the speaker grill that flashes with the remote control is used or the lithium-ion battery needs to be charged. If you forget to plug the sound dock into its charger and don't use it for fourteen days the only way to turn it on is by charging the batteries.

Bose did not include any dock inserts for the various iPod models so if you lost yours you can get replacements online or from the Apple store. The speaker's power cord has a universal cable winder built in that makes it easy for travel. The plug is a tad large though. If you pay retail you'll shell out $399 for the Bose soundock portable; however price shopping will get you a better deal with free shipping. Bose offers a carrying case; however, if you want one you'll have to pay $59 more.

Before you buy the bose soundock portable online, make sure you visit Rob Reger's bose sound dock reviews to find the lowest prices online, get coupon codes and free shipping.

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