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Perhaps you may be wondering how Photoshop started? Or perhaps you do not care so long as it is there to bring life to images, photos and texts you will be fine?

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Latest Nokia Cell Phone

Nokia has now its N-series of cellular phones. Nokia just released its model called N95 in second week of February 2008. It's the top of the line of all the Nokia cellular phones available in the market today. Nokia N95 is a multi-system smart phone. Aside from the traditional call and text messaging system, it somewhat resembles a personal computer with most, if not all, of it functions and capabilities, all packed in a small 99x53x21 mm size. Nokia N95 is MP3 ready and has a built-in GPS receiver.

But its most attractive highlight is its 5 megapixel camera. Nokia N95, with its two-way sliding cover allows easy use of main control buttons. The cover is spacious enough for the 2.6 inch monitor and basic functions keys. On the opposite sides open the alphanumeric keys and the multiplayer controls. And an important feature of the Nokia N95 is its 320x240 pixel resolution monitor.

Nokia N95 supports different accessories maximizing all its features. The sides are lined with ports for the infrared, power connector and USB. Headset jack and microSD expansion slot can be found also. With big memory capacity including 160MB built-in and space for additional memory card, Nokia N95 is ideal for capturing pictures and videos and even playing music. The memory capacity also enables Nokia N95 to work as a mini personal computer.

Nokia N95 is wireless and Bluetooth capable. Storing of information is also a strength of Nokia N95 since it can save lots of information and its phonebook can store unlimited entries and fields. Business application software like word, excel and PowerPoint are also available in Nokia N95. Information transmission is a great asset of Nokia N95. It has a built-in GPS receiver which is very useful for travelers.

Access to traveling information like maps, routes and points-of-interest is possible. The high resolution of the pictures and videos is also a special feature of Nokia N95. Similar to a camera, Nokia N95 allows adjustments of photos in terms of contrast, brightness and color. It is a tracking system and a camera in a single unit.

Aside from pictures and videos, Nokia N95 also allows enjoyment of music with its MP3 support. Its music library can store and organize music play lists and its even wonderful to know that Nokia N95 has built-in sound equalizer. It is FM radio ready and has sound and video streaming support using RealPlayer. Nokia N95 is a cellular phone, radio system, digital camera, GPS and personal computer all-in-one. Nokia N95 is really an amazing creation.

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