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Remote Telemetry Monitor

Telemetry is the study and measurement of the transmission of data over certain mediums, such as telephones or computer networks. Communication channels are a major part of any telemetry system. When telemetry was still at its nascent stage, data was transmitted over wires.

One of the limitations of this monitoring system was the restriction of the subject to the confines in the laboratory. Recent advances in technology have overcome these restrictions. GSM (Global System for Mobile communication), wireless computer networks and miniature devices allow continuous data transmission from moving vehicles such as cars, aircrafts, missiles and satellites, to a central source. Despite the wealth of applications the primary purpose of any telemetry system is to collect data at a place that is remote, inconvenient or dangerous, and relay the data to a point where telemetry monitor or data evaluation takes place. Major applications of telemetry monitor include monitoring electric-power plants, remote meter reading, gathering meteorological data, logistics management, tracking endangered land and marine species, and monitoring manned and unmanned space flights. Telemetry monitor technology is expected to replace bar coding when the price point reaches an affordable level.

Product information can be stored on specialized telemetry tags that will track the product along the supply chain and keep track of important information. Combined with local technology, the company assets can be located at any point in time. Thus, telemetry monitor will allow companies to wirelessly access information and monitor status levels at all times. For instance, electricity meters can be read through wireless technology, eliminating the need for a person to read each meter manually.

This provides a great savings in salaries once paid to employees that walked around from house to house collecting readings. Layers of labor costs can be eliminated with some applications providing additional cost savings. Even machines can be monitored at a distance and alerted when there are problems detected. For example, a toner in a printer can be remotely monitored and the suppliers notified to place an order without the intervention of a human. Biomedical telemetry or biotelemetry provides a means for transmitting physiological or biological information from one site to another for data collection.

This telemetry monitor technology is used for monitoring of the electro-physiological state of the patients who are at risk of abnormal heart activity. This technology has even reached the small towns in the USA. Both my water and electrical meters are monitored in order for billing, and I live in a small town in Iowa.

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