Let's Go Back To Photoshop's Beginning

Perhaps you may be wondering how Photoshop started? Or perhaps you do not care so long as it is there to bring life to images, photos and texts you will be fine?

Whatever the reason may be, it is still better to look back in order to move further...

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Web And Audio Conferencing

The technology boom in the 21st century has created wonders for the telecom industry in a tremendous manner. With the arrival of mobile phones and the Internet, communication is fast becoming a necessity. It is indeed a technological revolution. The Benefits Of Web And Audio Conferencing: In this regard, web and audio conferencing have taken the IT boom to its next level of revolution. Today, equipped with the Internet technology, we are able to carry out conferences with people all over the world while sitting in our office.

Web and audio conferencing has enabled the postmodern world in connecting with a virtual reality through the medium of cyber space. With web and audio conferencing, large business organizations are able to deal with their clientele and other associates within seconds. The video aspect of the conference allows the maintaining of a physical aspect of the communication which is a part of virtual reality. Some Basic Requirements Of Web And Audio Conferencing: To facilitate the Internet web and audio conferencing, you must have Windows, Java, Linux or Mac software and an internet connection of at least minimum 128kbps.

For video conference, VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) is mandatory and a camera which will help in receiving and sending the analog digital message in the form of audio and video. This is the cheapest medium of communication which saves a lot of money and time as it can be established almost instantly and does not require a huge amount of investment in comparison of the expenses on traveling for business and personal use. It is the easiest medium of maintaining one?to?one conference which can be highly efficient in running a business.

Thus, web and audio conferencing is the new technological revolution, which enables the IT revolution to move to the next level.

Ricky is the owner of http://www.webbasedconferencing.org, a site that provides reviews of the best web based conferencing services online.

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